Search Engine Optimization

Commencement Date of the Project: May 2014 (On-Going)

The Customer

MAGES Institute of Excellence is a credible private education institution incorporated in Singapore that provides high quality Advanced diploma courses, tertiary level training and skill-set for the Game designers, Animators, and Creative computing experts of tomorrow. A rapidly developing sector in Singapore and all over the world, the Media, Animation and Gaming industry is evolving by the hour. The Company is expanding beyond Singapore in the countries of South and South East Asian region.

The Compelling Need

MAGES Institute of Excellence was sure that if it required to grow, it was very essential for it to maintain a high level of online presence and Google visibility in most of the relevant keywords which would draw its potential customers and clients to its website and engage with it for ultimate outcomes in the business. For City Innovates, the objective was to arrive at the most relevant keywords for the MAGES and bring these relevant Keywords on the Google’s 1st page and generate relevant traffic, keeping the number of pagesviews on the higher side, thereby bringing potential leads for the MAGES.

The Challenge

36 months ago, when MAGES engaged City Innovates as their Digital marketing service provider, MAGES had no search engine presence. It was essential to strategize in such a way that it quickly gets indexed on the relevant keywords. Once indexed, the next challenge was to work on myriad digital solutions to get the competitive keywords on the first page. Not just that, the challenge was to bring a stream of people to their website to generate potential leads. Building quick traffic from organic sources and third-party websites was a challenge. Building back-links from the authority websites was one of the most testing challenges. It required a very high level of content and strategy to reach out various authority websites.

The Strategy

SMO process is an ever-evolving continuous process that requires team to upgrade itself to new learning to optimize campaigns. There is no single practice that works for all products and brands. At the beginning of the project we analysed what would make the University engaging to its students and other stakeholders. We reached at the following strategic options.

  • When the project began City Innovates undertook the market and geographical research of MAGES offerings to deduce how to place its differentiators in the market. It also went to study of its competitors in the market. The website was analysed for SEO suitability. A need was found to re-vamp the website to give it a dynamic and responsive outlook with a wow factor in its look-feel. City Innovates then advised MAGES on the keywords selection and phrases.
  • The offerings of the Institute were quite unique. The institute had collaborated with international institutes of good repute for various graduate and postgraduate degree courses and international immersion. This was to be leveraged. It was felt that a high-quality content and videos of teaching-learning and feedback of students would work wonders.
  • The first phase of the SEO strategy was to optimize ‘on page’ aspect of the SEO and revise content of the website, create new pages, link them and then go on to construct Meta tags and descriptions which would draw the potential visitor to the website.
  • The next phase was to get a top-quality content and videos and ensure submissions on the most sought-after websites. It was decided to pitch Press-Release articles, Blogs to relevant media and combine these PR efforts with some blogger outreach.


There has been continued success for the past three years in both Google ranking positions and the traffic. The institute is continuously growing in the number of admissions across countries bringing ROI much beyond it ever envisaged. The progression is steady and looking up. The satisfaction of the service receiver and service provider is one of a success story. Here is a glimpse of what we did and where we are:

Keyword ranking comparison chart.

Pictorial representation of Keyword ranking improvement chart.

Lessons Drawn

  • Know your client’s business, its peculiarities, client’s needs and vision for its positioning and re-positioning.
  • Formulate superior strategy based on research and inputs from the client.
  • Involve client in various decision-making issues affecting the campaign and review the campaign with the client at least once a month extensively.
  • Continue to research better ways to have a decidedly better outcomes quarter on quarter basis.