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Services we offer

HE Accreditations


We are Consultant to various institutes of higher education on National and International Accreditations. Our experts with brilliant record in establishing academic quality processes, and having national and internatinal experience in various accreditations have delivered extremely enabling workshops to the faculty staff at various higher education institutes in India and enabled superior ranking in NAAC, NBA, Asic (UK) and ABET. We also provide sustained support in building documents for the accreditation on retainer basis to the institutes.

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City Innovates Internship Programme

Internship Program

City Innovates Internship Programme (CIIP) is an initiative, an extensive approach to assure not only methodological know-how of the IT sector but professional corporate ethics also deemed within, to bring about a complete individual, all set to step into the industry.

Although Although Internship programmes might be offered by a number of other corporate firms, but City Innovates took a step with a difference, providing live project training in Delhi/NCR and across India with some of the Fortune 500 companies such as Adobe, ICICI Bank and others.

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Youth Internship Programme

Youth Internship Program

It is a powerful concept of internship, beginning at the school level that delivers on the vision of empowering students to discern their talent in the field of information technology, by putting them through a rigor of software design, development and its applications through a media of live projects of the company.

Since every individual is born with magical abilities, quite different from the other, we believe that professional company as ours is suitably placed to harness the innate abilities for skill and innovation lying coiled in our students.

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