The Secret behind Single Page Websites

Increasingly, SEO experts are recommending that small brands rely on single page websites that are easy to create, pleasing to look at and entirely responsive. The simplicity of single page websites as against its multi-page counterparts improves their chances of ranking higher on search engines and achieving their SEO goals.

Understanding Single Page Websites

A number of renowned SEO services in Delhi NCR are recommending the development of single page websites that essentially contain just one, single HTML page. This means that all your critical information such as the “about us” section, your product or service offerings, contact information, etc., will feature on the same page.

Depending on the length of your page, you can also choose to have a menu bar that links the user to various sections on the same page.

The SEO Benefits of a Single Page Website

  • Benefit from a More Mobile Friendly Interface

The most evident benefit of single page websites is the fact that they are extremely mobile friendly. They load faster and offer an impressive user-experience. Considering the pace at which mobile is taking over the desktop over the last few years, opting to rely only on a single page can do wonders to your audience base. Brands that intend to promote their mobile app, or a small business that is local, find that single page websites work best for them in this regard.

  • Extremely Easy to Build and Maintain

Work closely with your SEO consultant and you will be able to choose from thousands of single-page WordPress free as well as paid themes that can help you get your site live in no time. This takes a fraction of a time compared to the work that goes into building, running and maintaining a multi-page website.


  • Higher Domain Authority

The domain authority of a website is typically determined on the basis of the number backlinks a page is able to generate. As a single page website, your portal will be at an advantage since all the links that the site acquires will point to the exact same URL.


  • Easier to Capture a Target Audience

If you intend a very specific type of audience for your offering, you will be able to easily customize your user experience to reach out to them. Furthermore, you are also able to control how the visitors behave on the website, by directing them to content as you like. You needn’t worry about them clicking on pages in an inappropriate order.

That said, opting for a single page website also comes with its challenges. Without the right SEO help from experts, your content can easily lack the depth that a multi-page website is able to offer. You may also find it challenging to rank on a wide variety of keywords. Your digital marketing service provider will be able to help you select the right keywords, include multiple H1 tags on the page and optimize the speed of the page to make sure that your website doesn’t lose out on the SEO game.


For some brands, a single page website may be just the right solution to having a decent online presence. Read this article for insights on how to optimize a single page website.


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