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Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Your Business

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The social media has taken over the internet by storm. Various sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, can be used for the marketing purpose of businesses. Recent studies show that social media marketing has a hundred percent chance of closing a lead than the traditional outbound marketing. Social media marketing companies in Gurgaon shows that most business to business marketing is done conveniently online. Social media marketing has widened the market span along with a higher acquired market share.


Few reasons why social media should be used for business marketing:

  • Use of social media posts to increase Targeted traffic: New social media posts such as picture, information, links, etc. can attract fresh market and also retain current market keeping the page updated and running. The motive is to make the advertisement interesting to keep target market coming back looking for more.


  • Increasing the SEO of the website by using social media: SEO abbreviates for Search engine optimization. This process helps integrate traffic towards the businesses web page from free organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines like Google, chrome, Etc. social media posts will help the business expand there search for their respective website by making it more familiar on search sites by the help of SEO.


  • Could lead to long term relations: Sites like Twitter and Instagram, give few details of the customer base as well, like what they are posting to the trend they follow. This helps businesses to grasp what customers to target and have a relationship with for business purposes. This will also help the business to improve glitches in the marketing strategy if found any.


  • Messages attract users: Compared to the traditional advertisements, personal messages to targeted markets on social media play a bigger impact and have higher conversion rates psychologically. People see Facebook, Instagram and more as social websites and not advertisement websites, therefore grasping more people to read the posts made on them.


  • Social marketing helps in targeting and retargeting the choice of market: Like in facebook the advertiser can specifically target market according to age, location, education level, industry and much more. This option helps in targeting the exact market the business is looking for resulting in more conversion and higher leads.


The businesses can also shortlists visitors to the businesses website by simply installing Face book Pixel.

  • Social media market can help in covering events: The social media can help in free advertisement of any event or charity event that the business participates in. moreover any fundraiser or major trade show can also be showcased or spoken about on social media.


  • Building brand loyalty: Continuous advertisement on the social media gives the business brand recognition, more the business or the brand is noticed more loyalty it will gain from customers and the target market.


  • Increased know about: Social media marketing will help the business to attract traffic who didn’t even know about its existence. With the large crowd in the social networking circle, new users will be viewing the marketing every day on social media.


Therefore the importance of social media marketing brings light to many social media marketing services into the establishment. These marketing services help in setting up and guiding one’s business through the right process and in the most efficient way.