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5 Things that Work and 5 Things that don’t when it comes to Pay Per Click

If you are new to the digital marketing world, and I can’t imagine anyone reading this would, pay per click or PPC for short sounds like a scam for people who want the users to pay for clicking on their sites. Funny thing is, that definition is almost spot on, except for some Key words. PPC is actually a service provided by a hosting site or platform dubbed, Publisher to a person or entity to direct traffic to their websites dubbed, Advertiser. For every click on the Advertisement published, the Advertiser pays the Publisher.


pay per click

Now that we got a general idea as to what PPC is and how lucrative a model it is for marketing, a lot of people misread its advantages and are misled into situations where they lose out on a lot of business. As every business is different, there is no One Direction (eh?) that one can take to avoid falling into a disadvantageous trap however, knowing these 5 things that work and 5 things that don’t when it comes to Pay Per Click are certainly a step in the right direction.


Works – Google AdWords

Google AdWords are catered specifically for the Google search engine. It provides a large array of functions and supporting features to guide research and track campaigns. Best Part? It gets advertisements published on Google Search Results, over the top organic results, the best place for visibility.


Doesn’t Work – Literally any other Search Engine

While it might be cheaper to buy keyword influence over other, less frequently used, search engines like Yahoo or Bing, It is ultimately a fruitless effort as these search engines do not even remotely compare to the reach and visibility you can raise from Google. There are, as always, exceptions like Baidu in China or Naver in Korea.


Works – Strategic Keyword Changes for Campaign

You might have an Idea as to what the product encapsulates according to you, a vision or a dream as to how people will associate with it. Well, as good as that sounds, it rarely happens that way. The customers mostly react to your product in different ways, might use your product innovatively and find a completely user driven value to it. On the flip side, the attributes defined might not be yielding any significant results. In any case, a strategic use of varied keywords to determine your prime Target Market is the best use of PPC.


Doesn’t Work – Changing Core Keywords for any Reason

Now yes, one needs to flexible in finding the right target market, however relevance goes a long way when it comes to gaining credibility. The core attributes of the product and services, might be highly competitive, but gaining visibility in the core area with the core keywords is paramount for any lasting strategy. One might fiddle around with what can be done with the product, but should never deviate from what the product was designed to do.


Works – Doing SEO Simultaneously

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely no co-relation of PPC to SEO in terms of activities, however when it comes to Strategy, there is no better a combination. While PPC gives you immediate exposure, SEO works slowly over time building up your reputation organically to the point that you would no longer have to use PPC to promote the product. The reason this is important is because historically, organic traffic is much more genuine than paid traffic as they are looking for your product rather than “just happened upon” it.


Doesn’t Work – Doing PPC Only

PPC will, in the beginning, seem like a great option. Immediate traffic, conversions, exposure, etc. Truly feels like you are getting your money’s worth. However, the moment you stop PPC, everything it did vanishes, no one can organically find you but they might find similar products or services elsewhere and just like that you lose the exposure. It is always advised to accompany PPC with one other Marketing method that creates a rapport with the users and helps in retention.


Works – Targeting Specific Audiences

I doesn’t matter how relevant you make it sound, a person in their 60s will very rarely buy something like Just Dance or Guitar Hero for themselves. While your keywords are intricately crafted and thought out to best describe your product, unless you hit the right note with the right audience, all that money and effort will be in vain. The PPC strategy should be catered towards searching habits of your designated target audience and not the generic search-traffic metric.


Doesn’t Work – Targeting Specific Keywords

Yeah! You heard me! Specific Keywords targeting doesn’t work. Well it might work for a short time, sure, but gradually every keyword reaches a peak conversion ratio and that will be that. To avoid such a stagnant scenario, as I have stressed multiple times in points above, diversification is Key. Sure, budget plays a huge role as to what you can target and what you can’t. But that should not limit you to certain keywords only.


Works- Hiring A Professional Service Provider

If you’ve read up till here, you must have realized that PPC is not a cupcake that you can simply buy and enjoy but more like an Indian Thali, with way too many things to consider combining or letting be. The amount of strategy, planning, research, etc. needed to successfully pull off a PPC strategy that adds true value to the business. PPC Services in India, a country which has small startups in every corner, is one of the few services that are worth the cost and pay huge dividends.


Doesn’t Work- DIY

Now you might be a Wiz when it comes to Digital Marketing, AdWords, PPC, etc. However, while running a business, there are far too many things to do which prevent you from devoting quality time for your PPC Campaign. The worst thing you could do is Do it Yourself. Various research papers have a common consensus that we as human beings cannot see most of our small mistakes or errors. Having a Professional service provider, who constantly monitor every bit of the campaign with 0 bias, is the best bet you can place for PPC.


PPC is a great opportunity for budding businesses to rub shoulders with Industry Giants. Being smart about how one uses this exposure and working out a strategy to capitalize on it is one of the best the ways forward to a successful Business.


Soumya Sankalp Mahapatra
Marketing Manager

Benefits of Using Google AdWords in Marketing Strategy

pay per click
With the drastic change in today’s marketing world. Google AdWords has been one of the most affecting factors. AdWords is said to be the most effective methods available for paid advertising. Google AdWords company in India taps into the huge number of people according to what they search for and uses the information to connect the providers/sellers of those certain services and goods to the buyers.


Few benefits of using Google AdWords are:


1. Increases customers and leads

Google analytics is the perfect tool for generating leads if the campaign is set properly, this tool will efficiently send targeted market leads to the company’s website.
2. A very flexible platform for marketing
This is a very flexible platform for marketing, all sizes and kinds of businesses can use this platform. Internet traffic can be turned off and on whenever wished for. The market can be demarcated according to the choice of the advertiser by targeting age, gender, demography and more.
3. Helps to attract customers fast
Studies show that 90% of major searches are for goods and services on Google. Therefore AdWords help by bidding on keywords in relation to the type of products, services or industry puts the company on top of the search in Google.
4. Return on investment is higher
You only pay when the ads are clicked on, AdWords helps you to shortlist markets and only advertise to them which save costs and brings in higher returns.

5. Taps into big high-quality traffic

Google is ranked to be one of the biggest search engines in the world, therefore if the business is capable of paying, it can tap into a huge amount of traffic entering Google on a daily basis.

6. AdWords faster than SEO

AdWords is much faster than the traditional search engine optimization; a simple provision of the “ad rank” which is a package of main page quality, ad bid, and ad copy can put the company on top of the search list.

7. Targets market locally

AdWords help in the demographical division of data. If a company sells a product or service only in a particular local, AdWords will help the company to shortlist and target just that particular locality, saving on cost and increasing efficiency.

8. Initial investment is bare minimum

Only a small sign up fees is required for starting with Adwords and the rest is paid once the keywords have been bid for and the content has been released. The bill is only made once a user clicks on the ads, therefore making it more reasonable than any other software.


9. Improves instant hands-on experience and flow

Google AdWords helps in providing a constant and a large flow of traffic and in the long run help the advertiser in becoming effective direct marketers. This increases searches and visits to the site, increasing experience and revenues.


By using Google AdWords, Websites get instant movement hence soon get to be distinctly compelling direct advertisers. Clients see these destinations as mainstream, and in this manner are probably going to tap on the site for another buy without even thinking. PPC advertising services along with Google AdWords is most suitable for clients expecting to produce benefit from their websites.