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Basic as it may sound, the sheer number of digital marketing companies, in India with a view to edge out each other to secure a bigger pie than their competitors, often lay tall and exaggerated claims, often end up securing a contract from not so innocent business heads. To ensure that you are not taken for a ride, here is an advisory for you.


Credential Test One: Check if the Agency has a minimum of 4 to 5 years of standing in the field


This is necessary, though not ultimate test of the credibility of any digital agency. It is well-known that a large No. of ordinary run-of-the mill agencies have mushroomed up in the recent two to three years having 2-men, 3-men set ups. They are not just poorly staffed but staffed with employees of low skills. Hiring experiences reveal that expert employees of leading digital agencies don’t change their jobs to join small start-ups for reason of job security and inability to pay suitably for the talent. Well, if you wish to give small start-ups a chance to grow, and for them to also learn the digital ropes on your project, you would indeed be serving a social cause by choice, and there is nothing wrong in this.


Credential Test Two: Does the Agency have a few case studies on your specific business?


Often small-time agencies may have had no experience of having run a project of the kind of your business. The agency would be poorly placed in forming an appropriate strategy, tactics and scope of work for your business. It may become further difficult for them, should it require them to make course-correction in their existing strategy and evolve a new one to produce better results. An experience in a specific business is a striking requirement to understand what works and what doesn’t in the digital marketing for the specific business. One fit-all doesn’t quite produce great results.


Credential Test Three: Check the true credentials of the Agency, whether having superior brand clients, and their sustained long-term continuation


It is almost a litmus test. If you find that the clients being served by the Digital Marketing company have renewed their contacts year after year, it is almost given that there is good possibility of high credentials of the service provider, a proof of a top digital company. It is not difficult to check and verify. The credibility check can be done by seeking details of the companies being served and then calling at least a couple of them to verify the satisfaction level. There is nothing wrong in it.


Credential Test Four: Verify the SEO Ranking of Various Keywords on Search Engine and quality of Social Media and AdWords work and their outcomes.


The quality of work submitted by the agency resonates its credentials of a leading digital marketing company. Be it quality ‘link building’, ‘on page’ activities, ‘off page’ activities/submissions on most relevant sites, quality of blogs, social media page design/promotions, quality of posts, infographics, engagement response and quality/numbers of leads, and such other work, it is a very important input to determine the capability of Digital Marketing team. Often the Business Development Managers show the dreams without having the capability even 50% of what they project to the client. This needs to be safeguarded by due diligence of actual work done on other clients. If you don’t have the means and knowledge to check, there is no harm getting an expert to verify the work.


Credential Test Five: Be sure you get your ROI:


This is one area, you shouldn’t compromise. You must discuss deliverables in greater details and have the same documented in the Agreement with timelines. The payment could be linked to the performance. Often the agencies shall run away from committing definite outcomes.


A Final Word


City Innovates Pvt Ltd. is one among other leading and trustworthy companies in Gurgaon that meets all-of-above and has its credentials spilling much beyond the minimum stated above. With City Innovates, you don’t have to personally monitor or keep worrying about the deliverables and returns on investment. You are however, free to select any company that meets the above stated minimum benchmarks.


JR Sharma
The writer is the CIO and Director Education City Innovates Pvt. Ltd