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Why Digital Marketing Is Here To Stay?

With the advent of Internet and online stores, the days of the brick and mortar store are almost over. Today besides a good website a manufacturer needs the services of a digital marketing agency to reach out to customers across the globe.


The other day a friend of mine rang me up from Bhopal and asked me if I knew anyone who could supply him 150 Kg of sweets in 1 Kg packs with attractive and sturdy packaging, which he required for his sister’s wedding. I asked him to give me half an hour and I would get back to him as many details as possible.


I switched on my computer, got on to the internet and did a Google search for Wholesale manufacturers of sweets. In the wink of an eye, I had a list of 6-7 firms who could meet the requirement. I not only had the Names of the firms, the contact No, the name of the contact person and photographs of the decorated boxes in no time. I sent these to my friend, who was delighted and asked me how I managed to find out all these details so quickly. I told him that there was no secret, this was the power of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing
Locating Manufacturing Facilities

Today, the days of the brick and mortar stores, where people have to walk in to buy goods are virtually over. A manufacturer need not be confined to a city where there is a market for his goods. He cannot achieve economy of scales if he does so. He needs to set up your manufacturing facilities where he is able to get large tracts of land, uninterrupted power supply, good infrastructure in terms of connectivity by road, air or sea and availability of raw material at the lowest rates, besides friendly tax laws.

Getting a Website

Once the manufacturing activity has begun, the manufacturer needs to get a beautiful website designed, showcasing all the goods that he is manufacturing and selling. This in effect is his shop. However, the website in itself is not good enough. Customers have to be drawn to the website in order to have visibility. Although we live in a connected world which has no boundaries, the customers may be located far and wide and may not even have heard about the manufacturer. How does he get him to visit his website?


Digital marketing

To bring the manufacturer and the customer in contact with each other, there are Digital Marketing Agencies, which direct traffic to the website by setting up links and Ads which turn up when you search a keyword in the Search Engines. The Digital Marketing Agency employs professionals who have done digital marketing courses and are experts in the use of various online media to direct traffic to the client’s websites. The manufacturer neither has the time nor the expertise to carry out digital marketing on his own so he approaches such agencies to do his marketing.


City Innovates

City Innovates , Headquartered in Gurgaon and having offices across the world, is one of the leading firms globally which specialises not only in providing digital marketing solutions, development of websites, SEO, SEM, ORM and SMO but also runs digital marketing courses and internship programmes to train young aspiring professionals in the nuances of digital the digital world.