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Ecommerce SEO Strategy – Effective SEO Tips for your New Ecommerce Website

Ask any SEO consultant and they will tell you that your chance for your organic search to perform well can be lost even before your launch your new Ecommerce site. Right from the design and implementation stage, your SEO consultant will be able to guide you in various elements of search engine optimizing, hereby ensuring satisfactory traffic and revenue right from the beginning.

Ecommerce optimization is critical to how successful your online business is.

Ecommerce platforms require this approach to SEO since they require capitalizing from scalable architecture right away and sending consistent signals for search engine algorithms for their business to take off and sustain.

Here are a few things to consider for effective SEO before launching a new ecommerce website –

Taxonomy and Crawlability

SEO for ecommerce must rely on the strength of the catalog for hierarchical categorization. Each one of the items on your catalog essentially represents a page that must work hard to acquire an organic search ranking. The overall success of your pages decides how much revenue your ecommerce site will acquire through organic search.

Make sure that your taxonomy makes room for unique landing pages for every critical keyword theme that you wish to get ranked. For instance, if you are selling bags and your taxonomy is organized by bag sizes at the higher category, make sure you have actual page for totes or wallets, as against having to click open a navigation menu and looking for wallets in a sub-category.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Multiple exposures of sub categories and facets create duplicate content, making it highly damaging for your ecommerce website. If you plan on placing the same subcategory under more than one subcategory, make sure that they are all linked to the same URL.

Remember that every page that requires to drive organic search revenue must have its own unique URL.

Creating Crawlable Pages

Your facets should also be able to generate crawlable pages with a combination of upto three facets. If you skip this step, your SEO consultant  will not be able to rank terms such as “black stripped wallet” or “18-inch laptop bag”. Pursue some keyword search to understand which and how many attributes are of value for your organic search objectives.

Also make sure that the pages that need to drive organic search revenue have a satisfactory amount of textual elements that can be indexed. Do not only rely on images to work its magic on ecommerce websites. If no text fields exist, there will be nothing to optimize, and nothing of relevance for search engines to crawl through to rank the page.

Other Tips to Remember:

  • To enhance the amount and time of information that is displayed, make sure that you optimize the system default title tags as well as the meta descriptions. Make sure that the brand of your site is represented at the end of the title tag.
  • It is seen that sites with responsive design tend to do best in the Google’s new mobile-first index. However, optimally implemented mobile sites are also ranking well.
  • Make sure that you follow a structure when presenting product data, factors such as price, availability and ratings should be well placed to enable rich snippets in search results.
  • Make sure that the site at no point generates a soft 404 error. If a file cannot be found, make it a point to use true 404 errors.

Finally, if you are changing a URL structure, making other changes in the site such are removing content, always implement the 301 redirects.