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In times when nearly 45% of all mails being opened by consumers using their mobiles, it calls for using e-mail marketing as a major tool for marketing your product and services. If the estimates of email Monday are to be believed over 269 billion emails are sent daily and only 22% retail mail are opened by the consumers, remaining 78% land in the junk. Quite contrary to this, nearly 34% of other mails are opened by the consumers. This throws up a point that your dependency is required to shift to local e-mail marketing.


Add a personal touch to emails

No one wants to receive an automatic email that seems to have been written by a robot—it’s impersonal and boring and won’t succeed in engaging your audience. Even if you include a great offer, chances are consumers will stop reading before they even notice it. Make emails as personal as possible from the name of someone in the company and draft it more natural way.

You would see that by personal touch, you shall be able to reach to the target customer much better than by

An example:-

Subject: Thank you so much for trusting us.
Thank you so much for reposing trust in us to work on your website. I know how much interest you took to see that the designs we produce invite ‘WOW” from the viewers. We are a growing company and you know people come to know us from people like you.

Could you do me a favour?

If your experience with us has been good, please do talk about us to your friends and also post about us on your blog, Facebook, YouTube, Google +, Instagram and Pinterest.
All my best,

Sent with love from City Innovates Pvt Ltd

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Enhance the Scope of Your Reach through Social Media

Social media is no more confined to personal chit chat, likes and shares. It has shaped into a big business lever. It is not without merit to share your well thought out and targeted emails on social media. It surely lends itself to like, comment and share with others and quite well.

Not just that, you can use your business newsletter to reach out to your target customers. Do post a part of it on the social media with a link to sign up for your email campaign.

Post offers and rewards on social platforms to encourage people to sign up for emails, and get to know your audience better by investigating what groups and communities they participate in socially online. Just make sure you don’t offer the exact same incentives and materials on social media that you do via email, or consumers won’t have a reason to subscribe to your campaign.

Be sure to share these posts directly with those in your local filters.

Make sure you don’t end up annoying your customer

To ensure that your mail is not routed to junk, try and see how you can bring benefit or joy to the customer through local marketing engagements. If you are selling a product/service and add a scheme of a coupon or discount or points, the possibility of your mail being opened every time shall be high till such time the consumer is unable to utilize the offer given by you.

Address your e-mail to the Advisor to the Decision-maker or the Decision-maker himself
Often the best outcomes of corporate e-mail have been experienced when the product/service provider directly addresses a communication to the Decision-maker. However, this doesn’t always work in mid and large size companies, where the power is often delegated to a responsible Head /Advisor who obtains decision of the Decision-maker by presenting a case in its entirety. Though it is difficult to get the details of who matters in a company, it is always safe to write to the responsible Head/Advisor with cc to the Decision-maker. It is always useful to address by name. While presenting your credentials, don’t overkill in explaining the importance of service/product; instead, explain what you do differently which impacts customer’s experience positively and results in ultimate benefits.

Don’t make an appeal for business, rather draw the prospective customer to see the benefits
Your mails should place the perspective in simple and clear terms bringing ample clarity in what the addressee desires to hear. When you wish to collaborate create a win-win feelings for both. When you wish to sell, don’t appeal; instead explain why he should bury from you. Be reasonable in explaining your credentials. Draw attention to your successes through the case studies. Make an attachment which represent the credentials of the people at work and that of your company.


The mail is a mirror to reflect your professionalism at work. To be effective, it must be so delivered as to make a lasting impact about you, your product/service and your company. It requires careful weaving and articulation to look simple but piercing in purpose. When the same is supplemented with attachments, the content of the attachment where possible should be well supported by infographics, graphs, charts and tables

JR Sharma
The writer is the CIO and Director Education City Innovates Pvt. Ltd