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5 Reasons You Should Pay only for the Best Social Media Services!


Simply put, Social Media Optimization or SMO, is essentially the act of using a combination of various Social Media Platforms to generate awareness. Now the awareness might be intended for a plethora of products or services but only the ones with the best campaign strategies, current and relevant association with the masses would actually benefit from it. And so, a lot of people (mistakenly) think, that social media is not the right platform for mainstream Marketing.
What they fail to realize is that simply posting content and asking people to like, share and subscribe is not how it works today. To truly succeed, you need proper planning, strategy, targeting and execution. Not something, just any tech savvy guy/girl with a higher than average social media following begging for likes can achieve. A social media agency partner who have had an extensive experience in SMO is what you would need.
Here are 5 reasons why you should only hire the services of only an experienced social media services company:
1. Indirect Search Improvement – The more your content is liked, shared, interacted on, featured, occurs as top story, i.e. trending, the more eyeballs are on your company/product/services and more people are going to be curious as to “what’s the fuss all about” driving indirect traffic to websites. More traffic ->More enquiries -> More leads ->More Sales ->More Revenue -> More Hi-5s
2. Auto Marketing – When people see you and interact with you over social media, provided you have piqued their interest enough, they start making content either praising, parodying, ridiculing or hating you (nothing a bit of ORM can’t fix). These posts and contents carry more weight in terms of placing you in the market as they are considered as a virtual, Word of Mouth endorsement. This feedback is essential to notice what you are doing right and what you can improve upon.
3. Social Strength – Once you start getting numbers on your posts in terms of likes, shares, comments, etc. you can identify your reach and sphere of influence. This knowledge provides perspective on how well received your posts are and what is the actual perception of the customers towards you.
4. User Community – Who doesn’t appreciate being included? The users in Social media certainly do if they find your opportunities and discussions worthy of their time. Open and free discussions create a mutual bond of trust and helps the community feel like they are being heard. You create many so called pseudo brand ambassadors with this.
5. Numbers – All of the above points have in some way or the other referred to the fact that you will “know” how many people interact with you and how many like what you’re doing and how many don’t. This instant quantifiability makes Social Media, in the right hands, one of the most powerful Analytics tool you can use.
Social Media is not just liking cat pictures or watching funny videos anymore. It has evolved under the last 7 years into one of the most viable platforms for Marketing in the world today. Yet, to make sure you utilize it to its fullest potential, you need to make the smart decision of Hiring the best SMO agency.
Soumya Sankalp Mahapatra
Marketing Manager